2017 ParaVolley Asia Oceania General Assembly

Date:Saturday|1st July 2017|20:00 hrs

Location:Yuething International Hotel,Tangqi,Hangzhou,China


      Under the organization of Wold ParaVolley ,our Asia-Oceania Zone has changed to accommodate the needs of development.We hold the 2017 ParaVolley Asia Oceania General Assembly on 1st July 2017.The World ParaVolley Asia-Oceania was re-election during the General Assembly,and the PVAO work situation is arranged and analyzed at the same time.As a new force in Asia-Oceania Zone ,we hope that it can move in a better direction.

After the vote of all member nations,Mr Lu Cailiang was elected as the new President of ParaVolley Asia Oceaina.And he was elected with an 8-2 vote.

The new Board of Administration members of PVAO are as follow:

                                                                               President                        Mr Lu Cailiang

                                                                               Secretary-General          Mr Hadi G.Rezaei

                                                                               Sport Director                 Glenn Stewart