WPV, APC, PVAO first cooperation
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WPV, APC, PVAO First Cooperation

On September 1, 2019, the 10th National Games For Persons with Disabilities & the 7th National Special Olympics Games, the People’s Republic of China were successfully concluded in Tianjin. Mr. Barry Couzner OAM, President of World ParaVolley and Mr. Lu Cailiang, President of ParaVolley Asia Oceania, were invited to attend in the event.

During the event, World ParaVolley, the Asian Paralympic Committee, and ParaVolley Asia Oceania hosted a face to face meeting. With friendly talks, a memorandum of understanding was discussed to reach preliminary intentions to cooperate with each other, and promote the development of ParaVolley sports for the disabled in the Asian region countries, including the Arab region.


As the World ParaVolley Hangzhou Development Center China Disabled Sports (Tangqi) Training Base has hosted WPV sitting volleyball events and activities. As the training base for the Zhejiang ParaVolley team, cooperated with the Zhejiang Disabled Persons' Federation, our base actively undertook the training, organizing, service and logistics supporting. During the event, Mr. Tu Weiping, Chairman of the Development Committee of ParaVolley Asia Oceania, especially gave a lot of help and technical support for the ParaVolley men's and women's teams of Zhejiang Province.


In this competition, the Zhejiang ParaVolley Men's Team broke through with a tenacious spirit of hard work, achieving the First Top position In China in the past 20 years. They have laid a good foundation for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, the 11th National Games For Persons with Disabilities in 2021 and the Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Games in 2022.

The World ParaVolley Hangzhou Development Center will continue to work hard, cooperate together with WPV, APC, PVAO to develop sports projects for the disabled and to contribute to our strength.